HOW TO Mount Red Dot Sights: 3 EASY Tips…

…To Always Remember When Mounting Your Optics

Mounting a red dot to your AR15 may seem difficult to a new shooter…

If done incorrectly, your optic could work it’s way loose or actually fall off, right as you’re making a shot!

However, with a little bit of guidance, even a person who’s brand new to firearms can mount their optic correctly. So, if you’re wondering how to properly mount a red dot…

…then this is the article for YOU because I’m going to give you 3 EASY TIPS to always remember when mounting a red dot sight…

Tip 1:  Use Threadlocker On The Screws Of Your Mount…where to mount reflex sight on ar 15

When you fire your rifle, vibrations run along the body of your gun which can sometimes cause screws from your accessories to work their way loose.  

Loose screws will cause your optic to shift when your rifle is being fired, and you’ll LOSE ZERO!

This creates a huge problem because if your optic won’t stay completely still, you won’t be able to achieve any consistent accuracy.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem…

All you have to do is apply a little bit of threadlocker to your screws when mounting your sight.

This will LOCK them solidly in place and you’ll have NO WORRIES that your optic will wiggle its way loose as you fire your rifle.

I Recommend Using Blue Loctite…

how to mount a red dot sightI like to use Blue Loctite for mounting optics because…

…it holds your screws solidly in place without locking them in permanently.

You do want the ability to back out your screws easily…

…just in case you want to remove your optic from your firearm.


You need to STAY AWAY from the Red Loctite!

Red Loctite is for permanently locking screws in place, and you NEED to have the option of taking your sight off of your firearm for maintenance, cleaning, and several other reasons.


I recommend you use Blue Loctite on the screws of ANY accessories you mount on your rifle. This includes light mounts, Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS), Vertical Fore Grips, and anything else you want to attach to your firearm.

Tip 2:  Push Your Sight Mount Forward When Tightening It Down…red dot sight placement

Here’s the deal, any accessories mounted to your rifle will try to work their way forward as you shoot.

The reason for this is simple…when you fire your rifle, the gun jolts back under recoil, but your optic wants to remain stationary because of inertia.

In addition to that, the slots on your rifle’s picatinny rail are a little bit wider than your optic mount’s screw that sits in them…

…and you should be a wiggle it forwards and back when the mount is not tightened down.

So Here’s What You Need To Do…

Before you tighten down the mount of your sight, use the wiggle to push the whole optic forward.

Then, as you’re pushing everything forward, tighten down your screw (which should have threadlocker on it because of tip number 1) until it’s snug.

Doing this will lock your optic into a position where it can’t move despite the recoil of your rifle.

Tip 3: Mount Your Red Dot On The Forward Half Of Your Top Rail…
reflex sight placement

I RECOMMEND you mount your optic in a more forward position on your rifle’s top rail.

Unlike with magnified scopes, red dot sights don’t have eye relief

So, you can put your head as close or far from sight as you want, and you’ll still have the ability to see clearly through the optic.

This is one of the most significant benefits of using a red dot because it affords you several PRACTICAL advantages, such as…

  • A greater field of view.
  • The ability to mount BUIS behind your optic.
  • The ability to mount a magnifier behind your optic.

A Greater Field Of View…

When your sight is mounted further forward, you’re able to see far more of what’s going on down range as your shooting.

You can still see perfectly well through your optic, but at the same time, you can see what’s happening around the outside of your sight as well.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use your peripheral vision to have better situational awareness in general.

And you’ll be alert to what’s going on around you because your eye won’t be stuck trying to focus through a small tube.

This improved vision is extremely important if you’re trying to shoot with speed and transition between multiple targets at a rapid pace.

The Ability To Mount Back Up Iron Sights Behind Your Optic…

how to mount red dot on ar 15When you mount your optic more forward, you give yourself more rail space behind your sight.

Now, even the most reliable red dot sights still run on batteries, and we all know that batteries will eventually fail.

Aside from that, it’s possible your sight could take a physical hit and start to malfunction.

This all makes it a good idea to mount Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) behind your optic. That way if you try to take aim at something and find no reticle while staring through the glass, you can just flip up your irons and go to work!

The Ability To Mount A Magnifier Behind Your Optic…

Reflex sights are incredibly quick when shooting up close, but they can be limited when you’re trying to shoot at distance, and as I mentioned before, a forward mount gives you rail space behind it.

So aside from back up iron sights, you can also mount a magnifier behind your red dot…

This is a huge benefit because a magnifier can transform your reflex sight into a powerful optic that helps you shoot with precision at further distances.

In The End, Here’s A Quick Checklist YOU Can Use When Mounting Your Sight…how to mount a red dot scope on a rifle

[  ]  I used threadlocker (BLUE Loctite) on all of my screws.  CHECK!

[  ]  I pushed forward on my mount as I tightened it down. CHECK!

[  ]  I mounted my optic on the forward half of my rifle’s top rail. CHECK!

That’s it! Your sight is mounted properly and you’re READY TO GO shooting!

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Farewell, and have fun at the range!


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