About Me

best budget red dot for ar15Hello, RDshooters here…

I created this website to help new shooters get PRACTICAL information about red dot sights, scopes, and other shooting information and gear.

Years ago, when I first got into shooting, I really knew next to nothing about tactical gear and optics,

and it was sometimes difficult to get good information about these topics.

So with this website, I hope to share what I’ve learned so far with anyone who’s just starting to get into guns and gear.

And even though this site is mostly for beginners, hopefully, it will have quality information that people of other skill levels will find useful as well.

So, if you’re new too shooting, welcome! And if you’re a seasoned veteran of shooting, welcome all the same!

Farewell for now, and have fun at the range!



You can also check me out on YouTube by clicking the link below!

==> Red Dot Shooters YouTube Channel

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