The Highly ACCLAIMED Aimpoint Micro T2…

…DISCOVER Why It’s Widely Regarded As The Best Red Dot Sight! (Red Dot Sight Reviews)

best red dot sight

If I had to go to war, there’s only one red dot I would even consider taking with me…

I’ve actually had the misfortune of dropping my rifle before. I was at the range and the rifle was clear (no ammunition)…

but I was leaning it on a plastic ammo can on a shooting bench, and it ended up sliding off and falling on the concrete floor…

It kinda makes me cringe to remember watching it fall…

Luckily, my rifle landed on its side rather than on my optic, but I remember thinking to myself, “Man, this red dot would be toast if it had directly hit the ground.”

Accidents like that can happen, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an optic so durable that it would laugh at that type of abuse?

If that’s something that interests you, stay with me through this review of the HIGHLY RESPECTED Aimpoint Micro T2.

This optic is legendary, and it’s regarded by many, including myself, as the best red dot sight on the market today!

aimpoint micro t-2 red dot sight

So, follow along, and I’ll explain why so many shooters trust this optic over all other options…

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Incredible Water Resistance!

aimpoint red dot sightThis optic is submersible up to 80 feet!

It’s actually so water resistant that you can literally go diving with it!

Now, if you’re not a Navy Seal, that scenario will probably never play out for you.

However, just think about how easily it can handle the rainy or wet conditions a civilian shooter might encounter!

Multiple Brightness Settings…

With this sight, you get 8 Daylight settings, 4 Night Vision compatible settings, AND 1 Extra Bright Setting. So, you can use this optic in virtually any lighting conditions on the planet!

Long-Lasting Battery Life!

With just one CR2032 battery, your Aimpoint will be ready to go for 50,000 hours! And if you switch it over to Night Vision mode, you’ll get an EARTHSHAKING 500,000 hours of battery life!

PLUS! The Aimpoint Micro T2  Contains VIVID Lens Clarity…aimpoint micro t2 review

As we all know, seeing is a HUGE part of shooting…

…and this optic has CUTTING-EDGE lens coatings that improve the clarity of your sight picture.

So, instead of having a blue tint when looking through the glass (like many other optics out there), your view is extremely clear!

Additionally, the 2 MOA dot appears INCREDIBLY CRISP when looking through this sight, which enhances your ability to shoot with speed and precision when running this optic!

But That’s Not ALL! This Optic Is AMAZINGLY Reliable…

best aimpoint red dotIt’s probably the most RUGGED Red Dot Sight in the world! And the reason for this is the attention to detail Aimpoint puts into the Micro T2’s construction.

It’s construction features include…

  • An Aluminum Housing- Adds strength the optic.
  • A Hard Anodized Surface Treatment- Protects the sight from outside elements.
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance- It can function after experiencing these tough conditions.
  • Protected Adjustment Turrets- The turrets won’t be able to be snapped off!
  • Lightweight- Despite its strength, it weighs a SENSATIONAL 3.0 ounces!

With The Aimpoint Micro T2, You Get INSTANT Credibility At The Range…

aimpoint micro t-2 reviewHonestly, this Aimpoint is a premium optic that carries a price tag to match its high performance.

But if you’re looking to BE ONE OF THE FEW who runs the absolute BEST red dot sight on the market…

then the Aimpoint Micro T2 is the ELITE optic for YOU!

And if you fall into any of the following categories, I highly recommend that you consider choosing this optic…

  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Military Serviceman
  • Competitive/Sport Shooter
  • Hunter
  • Civilian Sheepdog (or into Defensive Firearm Training)
  • Recreational Shooter

Additionally, this sight is versatile enough to be put on rifles, carbines, shotguns, pistol caliber carbines, handguns and more!

In The End, The Aimpoint Micro T2 Pros…

  • It has several Brightness Options including NV and the Extra Bright Setting.
  • It’s Submersible up to 80 feet!
  • It has UNFORGETTABLE Reliability.
  • It’s Ruggedly Built with incredible POWER and STRENGTH.
  • It’s READY TO GO with 50,000 hours of Battery Life!
  • It has VIVID Lens Clarity.
  • It’s lightweight and ULTRA MOBILE.


  • It’s a PREMIUM product with a premium price tag.
  • It doesn’t come with a high mount…So, you’ll have to buy one separately (see the F.A.Q. section for a fantastic mount to pair with the Aimpoint).
  • It doesn’t have a Circle Dot Reticle.  This is a personal preference for me because it allows me to shoot a little bit faster than just a 2 MOA dot.  However, I don’t think this is a deal breaker.

>>Read Reviews Of The Aimpoint Micro T2 On Amazon<<

Final Verdict: Does the PULSE POUNDING Aimpoint Micro T2 Live Up To Its Premium Price?

best red dot sightAnswer: YES!

Its POWERFUL build quality and ruggedness is unmatched…

Its reliability is GROUNDBREAKING and YOU get 50,000 hours worth of battery life…

And it has CUTTING-EDGE lens clarity that can be used in practically any outside conditions on earth…

To me, it warrants its price and its ACCLAIMED reputation as the best red dot sight on the market!

Final Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

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Aimpoint Micro T2: F.A.Q.s

Q: Where can I find this Aimpoint for sale?

A: You can buy your Aimpoint Micro T2 from Amazon by clicking the link above…

ACT NOW! And order your Aimpoint with CONFIDENCE because it is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best red dot sight on the market…

And REMEMBER, supplies are sometimes limited so DON’T WAIT! Order TODAY!

Q: The Aimpoint Micro T2 is a great optic, but are there any alternatives that are less expensive?

A: As I said, I think the Aimpoint Micro T2 is the best sight available…

However, that doesn’t mean there are not other SENSATIONAL optics on the market!

So, if you’re nervous about the price of the Aimpoint, I highly recommend you check out my full review of the Holosun HS503c.

For me, the Holosun is a BARGAIN, and I think it’s definitely the best red dot sight for the money!

best red dot sightQ: Is the Aimpoint Micro T2 a good AR optic?

A: Absolutely! It’s POWERFUL and RELIABLE.  However, it doesn’t come with a lower 1/3 Co-Witness Mount.

That’s something you’ll have to purchase separately. I Recommend the Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro Mount.

It’s an IRRESISTIBLE mount to go with your PREMIER Aimpoint optic…

…and you can PURCHASE ONE from Amazon by Clicking This Link.

Farewell, and have fun at the range!


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