The ROCK-SOLID Colt LE6920 (The Best AR 15 Under 1000 Dollars!)

If you’re looking to buy an AR 15 these days, you’ve probably noticed that there are hundreds of brands to choose from.

It can actually be pretty tough sorting through the different options out there because it’s hard to know which brands are offering real quality and which are cutting corners where they can.

So in this article, I’m going to tell you why you should be considering a Colt for your next AR 15.

Specifically, you need to be looking at the Colt LE6920 M4 Carbine because right now, it’s the best AR 15 under 1000 dollars…

And in this review, I want to explain why that’s the case by going over this rifle’s strength, accuracy, reliability, and history (Colt’s).

So give me your full attention right now, because here we go!

The Colt LE6920’s Battle Proven Strength…

colt ar le6920Strength is a critical factor for me when looking at any gun.

I don’t want to waste my hard-earned money on something that’s going to end up falling apart after using it a few times.

But here’s the deal, the Colt LE6920 is the brother of the military’s M4, which is a time-tested and battle-proven gun.

In fact, the two guns are so closely related that the only major differences are the fact that 6920 is a semi-automatic rifle built for civilian use, whereas the M4 is a select fire weapon…

…and, the 6920 has a 16-inch barrel to comply the US gun laws, whereas the M4 has a 14.5-inch barrel.

The materials like the bolt, the bolt carrier group, the trigger, the barrel, the springs of both guns all meet the military specifications for strength and durability.

And the critical parts at the heart of the rifle like the bolt and carrier are high pressure tested (HPT) and Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI) to make sure that they’re strong.

I really like knowing that the materials on my gun are at least mil-spec because it gives me confidence in the overall strength of my AR 15.

And there’s no doubt about it, the Colt LE6920 is STRONG.

The LE6920 Is An Accurate Shooter…

colt model le6920Now, one of the major factors in a gun’s accuracy is the quality of its barrel.

And the Colt 6920 has an extremely high-quality barrel.

It’s made of 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, which is gonna last after shooting thousands and thousands of rounds.

It’s also chrome lined, which adds more life to it and makes it easier to clean…

…and it uses a 1:7 twist. Now in general, I like to have a 1:7 twist rate on my barrels as opposed to a 1:9 because they typically deal with heavier weight bullets a little bit better.

I mostly shoot 55 grains out of mine, and I’ve been really happy with the accuracy.

In fact, the accuracy of my 6920 has impressed me on a few occasions, and I even debated mounting a scope on the rifle just for that reason.

So, I definitely give the LE6920 a thumbs up for accuracy!

The LE6920’s Reliability…

best ar under 1000Ok, I have to be honest here, I have had 2 stoppages in my Colt… but hear me out before you condemn the rifle…

Years ago when I was a new gun owner, I was at the range shooting my Colt with a mishmash of steel and brass ammo.

Now, I shot all of my brass ammunition first, and then switched to shooting the cheap steel cased stuff I had left.

That’s when I started having problems because the steel cases were getting stuck in the chamber, and I would end up having to ram them out with a cleaning rod.

I went home to research what was going on, and I discovered that other people had had problems shooting brass before steel in their AR 15s.

For whatever reason, the steel just starts to get stuck.

After that, I made the decision to only shoot brass cased ammunition and I’ve never had a problem since (brass cased is also easier on your barrel because it doesn’t use a bimetal jacket over the bullet like steel).

That’s the only time I’ve ever had a problem, and I attribute it entirely to cheap steel-cased ammunition.

And since I’ve shot thousands of rounds since then with no problems at all, I think the colt is extremely reliable.

 The LE6920 Inherits Colt’s History Of Making AR 15s…

colt 6920 reviewColt has been making AR 15s longer than pretty much every other company out there.

They were making them in the 1960s and have a long history of working with the military to further develop the whole platform.

Now, many companies out there are making old military versions of Colt M16s. You see M16A1s, M16A2s, and a whole host of other variations being produced.

Those rifles offer a lot of nostalgia because they are associated with the brave soldiers who carried them in America’s past conflicts.

But the Colt LE6920 has already become a bit of a classic in its own right…

…because it’s the civilian version of our current military’s M4. And it’s actually made by Colt!

And I think that sometime in the future, that’s going to make these rifles even more special.

In The End…

best ar 15 manufacturerIn the end, this rifle is durable, accurate, and reliable.

And it has a little bit extra cool factor because it’s made by Colt.

So I’m extremely happy with my own LE6920, and I highly recommend it as the best AR 15 under 1000 dollars.

One More Thing…

trigger pull exerciseOnce you have an AR 15, you need to make sure that you’re consistently able to hit your targets.

So if you need help improving your accuracy…

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Farewell, and have fun at the range!


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