A Beginner’s Guide to Red Dot Shooting: How to Shoot Optics Like a Pro…

best red dot sight for AR 15

Even if you’re BRAND NEW to shooting…

…and you’ve NEVER shot with a red dot before…

Give me your Full Attention RIGHT NOW!

All you need to do is follow these 4 EASY Steps and soon you’ll be making FAST and ACCURATE hits like a pro in no time.

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STEP 1: Get One Of The Winning Red Dots Recommended Below…

(Highly Recommended Red Dot Sights For Beginners)

The Holosun HS503c: The Best Red Dot Sight For The Money…

holosun hs503c reviewThe Holosun HS503c is my personal favorite and the red dot I RECOMMEND MOST!

If you’re looking for an optic that can help increase your speed and accuracy…

…at a price that doesn’t break the bank, you need to read my full review of this optic!

Check it out by clicking this link and find out why I call this Holosun “The Best Red Dot Sight For The Money!”

The Truglo Tru-Tec: The Best Red Dot Sight Under 200 Dollars (or under $150)…

best budget red dot for ar15The Truglo Tru-Tec packs an incredible amount of value in the shape of an affordable micro red dot.

I’m blown away by the quality, lens clarity, and cool features like being able to turn on and off automatically!

If you’re looking for a high-quality red dot at a low price point, I highly recommend you check out my full review of this optic.

Read my Full Review of the Truglo Tru-Tec by clicking this link and find out why I call it the “Best Red Dot Sight Under 200 Dollars!”

(Premium Red Dot Sights)

The Highly ACCLAIMED Aimpoint Micro T2: The Best Red Dot Sight…

best red dot sightThe Aimpoint Micro T2 is a PREMIER Red Dot Sight.

If you want tough-as-nails reliability, this is the optic you need!

It can handle any abuse thrown its way, and…

…it has an EXTRAORDINARY reputation as one the most POWERFUL and RELIABLE optics on the market.

So, if you’re looking for the most HARD HITTING and PROVEN reflex sight, check out my full review below:

==> DISCOVER why the Aimpoint is widely regarded as the Best Red Dot Sight!

The REVOLUTIONARY Eotech XPS2-0: The Best Holographic Sight

best red dot sightEotech is another ELITE brand of optics.  They offer a different type of red dot called a Holographic Sight…

And the biggest benefit you get from this sight is BLAZING SPEED!

It gives you STATE-OF-THE-ART technology, a HUGE sight window, and an extremely fast reticle.

So if you’re interested in lightning-fast shooting, click the link below…

==>Read Full Eotech XPS2-0 Review HERE.

Step 2: Mount Your Optic So It’s Rock Solid…

where to mount red dotMounting an optic can seem like an incredibly daunting task to a beginner, but…


Make sure you position your sight in a good spot on your rail…

…and that everything is securely tightened down.

You want its attachment to be rock SOLID because sights can sometimes work their way loose when you’re shooting.

A loose sight means you won’t be consistently able to aim, and you can easily maintain a solid mount by following a few of the old mounting tricks…

==> Check out my article on HOW TO Mount Red Dot Sights by clicking this link

Step 3: Zero Your Red Dot At A Practical Distance… best budget red dot for ar 15

Once you have it properly mounted, you NEED to zero your optic!

Here’s the deal…there are a lot of distances (100 yards, 200 yards, 25 yards, etc.) that you can choose to zero your reflex sight, but…

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you choose a 50 Yard Zero. The 50 Yard Zero is a SENSATIONAL distance to zero your optic because it’s extremely PRACTICAL and VERSATILE.

I delve deeper into this topic in my article called The Hard Hitting 50 Yard Zero… I suggest you check it out and FIND OUT WHY I think YOU should zero your optic at 50 Yards!

Step 4: You Really, Really NEED to…best red dot sight for the money


Practicing your skills is the only way you’ll improve as a shooter.

And if you’re truly looking to become a more accurate and fast shot with your rifle, you’re going to need to focus on very specific elements when you practice.

Now, by far, the most important element is how YOU manipulate the trigger, and if you’re wondering how you should be pulling the trigger on your gun…

…Go RIGHT NOW to my article called: HOW TO Improve Your Shooting: 3 Easy Ways To Gain PRACTICAL Speed and Accuracy

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trigger pull exerciseIn 7 Step Trigger Pull Exercise, I reveal HOW TO improve your accuracy without leaving your home or spending a dime!

It’s the method I personally used to improve my shooting, and I still use the exercise on a regular basis…

…to make sure my shooting fundamentals stay sharp.

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One Last Thing…

If you’re new to shooting, it’s a smart idea to hang out with others in the shooting community…

It’s just fun getting to know others that share your interests, and as a beginner, you can really learn so much by discussing firearms topics with other gun enthusiasts!

Now, you can probably find some friendly folks at your local ranges, but there are some great online forums as well!

I recommend you check out:




You’ll find some really great people sharing a lot of interesting and useful information related to the shooting world!

Farewell, and have fun at the range!


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