The Scrappy Little Truglo Tru-Tec (The Best Red Dot Sight Under 200 Bucks)

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Not everybody has 700 or 800 dollars to burn on an optic for their rifle. And really, it’s bad enough to have to pay that price for just one AR 15…

But, What about those of us that have more than one rifle?

best budget red dot for ar15I certainly can’t afford 700 bucks each to equip all of my rifles with top of the line red dot sights.

However, I don’t want to put a cheap piece of junk on their either…

I’ve seen those cheap sights break, and flicker on and off, and quite frankly, I’d rather just run the iron sights than have to deal with that.

Luckily, I’ve found a red dot that offers high quality at a very reasonable price.

The Truglo Tru-Tec Red Dot Sight is currently my top pick as the best red dot sight under 200 dollars. And really, you’ll be able to find it for under 150 dollars.

So, if you’re looking for the best budget red dot for an AR15 or really any type of rifle you want to mount it on, I think you should really think hard about this Truglo Red Dot SIght.

And, here are some of the incredible features that have brought me to that conclusion…

The Truglo 20MM Red Dot Has Outstanding Battery Life…

truglo tru tec red dotThis Truglo Tru-Tec red dot will run for thousands of hours on just 1 CR2032 battery.

For me, it is now a requirement that all my red dots have extra long battery life even if they are lower priced like the Tru Tec.

But in addition to that, the Truglo Tru-Tec will automatically turn off after 8 hours of non-use.

And you can actually program that all the way down to 2 hours. However, it’s also programmed to automatically turn on when it senses movement.

I think this is a very practical feature because if you needed to grab your rifle quickly, the optic would be off while it’s being stored but automatically turn on when you need it!

Aside from that, changing the battery is HASSLE-FREE with the Truglo Tru-Tec.

There are some optics that actually require you to remove them from their mount to be able to access the battery compartment.

This is a problem because it will cause you to lose zero when you change out the battery. But with the Tru Tec, you simply spin off the cap and replace your battery in seconds.

The Truglo Tru-Tec Has Outstanding Lens Clarity And A Crisp 2 MOA Dot…

truglo red dot ar 15So look, there are a lot of red dots that are priced lower than the Truglo…

…and even some that are priced higher, that don’t have very good lens clarity.

Basically, when you look through them, you see a distinct blue or green tint covering everything you see.

This is distracting, but it can also mess with your vision. Especially, when the lighting conditions in which you’re shooting are not ideal.

But the Tru Tec’s glass is nice and clear, and you can easily see through it without some off-color tint distracting you.

Additionally, the Tru-Tec has a very crisp 2 MOA dot reticle.

Now, I always prefer a 1 or 2 MOA dot on my red dot sights. I really won’t even consider anything larger than.

The reason for that is it just gets hard to be precise when I’m shooting at distance with a large MOA dot on my optic because it ends up covering part of my target.

Now, to be honest, a simple dot reticle is not my favorite style of reticle for a red dot. You can check out my review of the Holosun HS503C to find out which I prefer…

However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a simple dot reticle, and when you have that style of reticle on your optic, I think 2 MOA is the perfect size.

The Truglo Tru-Tec Comes With 2 Mounts…

truglo red dot 20mmI’m a little bit impatient sometimes.  For example, when I receive an optic in the mail, I want to get it mounted on my rifle immediately.

And then I want to get it zeroed immediately and start shooting it!

I’ve been in the situation of having my optic but no mount, which has left me there just twiddling my thumbs.

In addition to that, sometimes its a pain to have to go out and find a mount that will fit your particular red dot.  And some of the mounts can get pretty expensive!

But with the Tru Tec, you won’t have to worry about any of that because it comes with two mounts.

The lower 1/3 co-witness mount makes this an outstanding red dot for an AR 15. And the low mount it comes with can be used to mount it to a shotgun, an AK, a pistol caliber carbine, or really any type of rifle with a rail.

So this optic comes ready to go as soon as you receive it!

Truglo Tru-Tec 20MM Red Dot Sight Prosbest red dot sight under 200 dollars

  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Auto ON and OFF Feature
  • Strong Lens Clarity
  • Crisp 2 MOA Dot
  • Comes with 2 Mounts

The Cons

  • The adjustment knobs, while good, do stick up a little bit high.  Under EXTREMELY hard use (like being knocked around in military trucks) I could see one getting snapped off. But for pretty much any civilian use, this will not be an issue.

Final Verdict: Is the Truglo Tru-Tec Red Dot Worth Buying?

best budget red dot for ar15Answer: YES!

The Battery Life is Outstanding!

The 2 MOA reticle is Crisp!

And it comes with two mounts!

To me, it is without question the best red dot sight under 200 dollars!

And I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality optic that doesn’t do much damage to your wallet!

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Now, I have seen the price on these Truglo Red Dot Sights go up and down a little bit so…

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Farewell, and have fun at the range!


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